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AI Buddy

Important Note: Below method for purchasing for new customers is no longer supported. Please do not purchase here. Please create an account on and subscribe there directly. thanks.

Purchase a subscription for using AI Buddy, a GPT-3 Powered chatbot

AI Buddy is a GPT-3 powered AI chatbot, - chatGPT for WhatsApp

Once the purchase is complete you will receive your license key and instructions on how to set it up.

Frequently asked questions

Fair Usage Notice

We can and will enforce restrictions on those users who abuse the system. Hence, Unlimited comes with usual fair use caveats. By purchasing the product, you are accepting these restrictions.

Is this a perpetual license?

Yes, as long as your subscription or membership is active and your payments are up to date.

Can I cancel my membership or subscription?

Yes, anytime. We will not charge you for the subsequent month or yearly fees after cancellation. However, we are unable to refund you past unused memberships as Gumroad doesn't have a way to do this.


Are you from OpenAI?

No. We have no relation to OpenAI

Are my conversations with the AI private?

Yes. Your conversations are private from us. But we need to send the last couple of messages to OpenAI API to increase the context quality of the conversation. Please read their privacy policy to understand the implications of that.

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AI Buddy Subscription License

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AI Buddy Subscription - chatGPT for WhatsApp