AI Buddy credits license - chatGPT for WhatsApp

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AI Buddy credits license - chatGPT for WhatsApp

AI Buddy
3 ratings

Purchase credits for using AI Buddy, a GPT-3 Powered chatbot

AI Buddy is a GPT-3 powered AI chatbot, a - chatGPT for WhatsApp

This page provides a license to use AI Buddy. Each license comes up with a certain number of credits.

Frequently asked questions


Is this a perpetual license?

No. Each license provides a certain no of credits. Once those credits are used, you would need to purchase a new one for more credits.

If you want a subscription-based unlimited license, click here.

What is credit?

A credit equals one successful message sent and received to/from the AI.

Can I have a refund?

Yes, if you have not used more than a few credits. Beyond that, we are unable to refund you as your usage would have already cost us WhatsApp messaging charges and OpenAI API charges. So please only purchase if you are comfortable with this policy.

I am a heavy user. Can I have volume pricing?

Just email us and we will figure something out for you.

Is there an unlimited license?

We are working on one. Reach out to us and we will let you know when we have a solution.


Are you from OpenAI?

No. We have no relation to OpenAI

Are my conversations with the AI private?

Yes. Your conversations are private from us. But we need to send the last couple of messages to OpenAI API to increase the context quality of the conversation. Please read their privacy policy to understand the implications of that.

Feature requests

I like it but I want the AI to behave in a different way or have a different personality. Is it possible?

We are working on something for this. If you have thoughts on this, please share us via email.

Why is support not available over Whatsapp?

We use WhatsApp only for AI conversations between you and the AI. Email us for any support or queries.

Any plans to make this available via a browser or other messaging apps?

Maybe in the future. If you have a specific app in mind, email us.

Have more questions? email us.

Support email: aibuddy.chat@gmail.com

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